Myth-Meeting with Youth Performers of SamLeYaw

The Mythological Institute’s departmental representatives Jolijn de Wolf and Jay Albaos visited the young performers of SamLeYaw Dance Company today to hold a group discussion. The meeting was held at the Auditorium of the Eastern Visayas State University, Tacloban City, Philippines. The representatives briefly introduced the history of how the Mythological Institute was realized.

During the second part of the discussion, the participants were asked to pick a concept and discuss about it inside their group. They were also asked to give criticisms and suggestions towards the research methods of the Institute. Each group member exerted effort for the task. The small groups were then invited to go back to the bigger group circle for the sharing of outputs. The suggestions were constructive and definitely are of great help towards the next projects of the institute. The representatives responded to pressing questions from the young artists on how to deal with researches related to myths.

The group discussion ended with a communal meal and exchange of contacts for further questions and collaborations.

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