New way of meeting: personal consultations

The Mythological Institute has developed a new way of working. Instead of going out on the streets, we organize mobile offices that the audience can visit. In these offices one can receive a consultation. the consultations are different from place to place. Our first try out was during the New Performance Festival Turku.

Department Place and Migration offered an opportunity to think about material belongings and migration. It was possible to make an donation to the migration kit. By holding interviews department representative Jay Mar Albaos collected data about what kind of objects one brings in case of migration.

Department Self Exploration and World Arrangement facilitated a consultation in which one could make a blueprint out of ones thoughts. Department representative Jolijn de Wolf designed a questionnaire, in which the participant gets the opportunity to explore thought patterns and make an image out of them. The thoughts are then made into a file and stored in the archive of the Mythological Institute.

Photo by Emilia Karjula, Jussi Virkkumaa and Christy Ann Balita

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