The Online Museum of Small gods is going and growing!

With this new project, the Mythological Institute invites the audience into a research about the role of religion in our society. Can religion be seen as a way of systemizing spirituality, and if so, what are the mechanisms that create such a system? Is it possible to re-create these mechanisms by making up new and personalized gods? 

In the Online Museum of Small gods the audience can create their own imaginary Small god and portray themselves as this Small god in a short video, which is placed on the website of the MI. Together they form an online collection of made-up divine and -at the same time- human entities. Creating a Small god is not meant as an act of capturing The Omnipresent, Almighty, Universal Entity, but as a playful research on the role of god(s) and religions in daily life and society. What can the online collection tell us about the mechanisms of religion, about spirituality and human nature?

Although the project is started by Jolijn de Wolf, Joan Escrivà-Escolà has been giving a Small gods workshop in Lleida, a small town near Barcelona. We are proud to present two new Small gods in the Online museum!

Small god of Procrastination – by Hèctor Alsinet
Small god of Failure – by Joan Escrivà-Escolà

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