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Small god of my tiny home
By anonymous.

features of small god

Personal details

Pronoun: He

Age: Born on July 2016, when the key of my house was given to me

size: 30m2

Friends: Kangaroo, Wombat, Koala (stuffed animals)

  • Simple
  • Minimalist,
  • manly look
  • Greek type of Small god
  • Wears lion skin
  • a hammer, a big one to keep bad things away. The hammer can change size. Big enemy: big hammer. Small problem: small hammer.
  • a teapot

He is hospitible and welcoming, makes sure I feel good and warm.

He takes care of me and protects me from cold + rain + people.

He is an image concerned small God.

Stands tall with his head up.


4th floor of flat, near Bijlmer station, easy to reach by public transportation

If you want to go on a pilgrimage, don’t take the bike.

Video material

Small Book of Small god