Archive of Small gods: Sonja, the hamster

Small god; Sonja the hamster
By Daan

features of small god

Personal details

Name: Sonja

Maritial status: unmarried

Has loyal followers, mainly friends and family

★ 2000

† 2002


Shoebox (likes to live in it)

A hamsterwheel for daily exersize


Running in a hamsterwheel

wishing the best for you


Sonja is everywhere, during bad and good times (whatever happens, she would have wanted it that way).

She likes to hang out in a shoebox (was also burried there).


There has been a story written about Sonja with the title “Sonja & Kim Jong-un

Quote: “Sonja zou het zo gewild hebben”


Whatever the event is that occurs in your life, you can always say that Sonja the hamster would have wanted it that way

Video material

Small Book of Small god