Archive of Small gods: Pets

Small god of pets
By Ascensión González Moreno

features of small god

Personal details

My dogs name is Nora, she is eight years old

Pronoun: they

my cat dodge is four years old and my cat Viper is six years old


They are very furry

Main materials: they are very furry, they have bright eyes, they always have wet noses


They bring home love

People love their pets, they are one with the family.


There has been written about pets.

Movies like “Hachiko’s a dog’s story”

Quote: They are man’s best friend


You always have contact with animals

When you welcome them in your home they become loved pets

There are multitudes of people who have pets


We take care of them and give them love

There are songs that talk about them

We consider them faithful friends

Video material

Small Book of Small god