Archive of Small gods: Homunculus

Small god homunculus
By Charlotte van hout

features of small god

Personal details

Name: Homunculus

Pronoune: has both genders but uses he

Age: looks like 40 + years old

Maritial status: He is selfish and alone

Not possible to have a deep connection

Expierences everything super intense, but is still superficial, fleeting

Therefor he is forever frustrated

Tries to hang on to the moment but never succeeding →angry


Bodyparts are enlarged: eyes, ears, nose, hands, genitals

He has both genders and genitals

Flesh, blood, mud


Followers wear fake, enlarged hands (the one you see during footbal games), phallus, vulva’s and hobbit-feet.

They paint enlarged, bulging eyes on their faces


The Small god made itself know to the world from an internal force in human beings. Human kind felt that the Small god was always there, in the form of the senses. But human senses are the “light” version of the Homunculus, because this Small god is experiencing everything extra intense and is therefor addicted to expierences. People went searching for the same intensity and found him.


His presence is extra felt during:




eating and drinking




Parties and festivals

alcohol and drugs

He runs away from places where meditation, introspection and reflection are happening.


Making primal sounds together

Expressing anger during a “Angercelebration”

Singing a song in Q&A-form which sounds quite primal

Dance and physical contact

Making yourself dirty

Using and stimulating your senses

Be in nature

Sacrifice stuff by burning objects that give of a strong sent, good or bad. Inhale the smell and be disgusted together

Video material

Small Book of Small god