Archive of Small gods: Guinea pigs

Small god of guinea pigs, Nina
By anonymous

features of small god

Personal details

Name: Nina

Pronoun: She

Marritial status: lives with partner

Has a very good hearing


Small and chubby

Big behind

Beady eyes that really look at you

Pink, small soft ears

Big front teeth


Feeding advises, food is very important for the Small god.

Book about totem animals, the guineapig totem is to have an open hart.

Quote: “Als je bij me bent met je hart en mij aait met aandacht, geef ik je liefde terug.”


When really happy makes squeeky sound

Will not let go of zippers and buttons

Licks you when you are attentive and caring

Being real, pure, sincere


As a follower you can meet her in her cage and her room. It is especially fun to meet her together with somebody else.

But you have to turn off the music and knock on the door!


Calm down and place guineapig on their back, a very vulnerable position. Pet the belly of the guineapig to become peaceful and to make contact with yourself and the Small god. When the guineapig signals she does not want to be on her back anymore, place her back. This Small god is allowed to be vulnerable.

Video material

Small Book of Small god