Archive of Small gods: Desire

Small goddess of desire
By Isidoor Wens.

features of small god

Personal details

Age: 9999 years

pronoun: she or it, she-it

Maritial status: married / in a relationship with 999 men and 999 women

  • Cloudy emotion
  • Mist
  • Light
  • She-it carries light and air
  • Her followers expierence warmth, love and tenderness
  • Weapon: smile
  • Treasures: hug
  • Luggage: sincerity
  • Symbol: smile

She-it tickles emotion. She-it mostly creates long-lasting bonding emotions. She it is seductive


Contact mostly above the river, the best is at 6 in the morning. The meeting place is secret.

Video material

Small Book of Small god