Department of Self Exploration and World Arrangement
Represented by Jolijn de Wolf and the Minotaur

Department SEWA is researching how myths and stories can be a catalyst for personal development as well as a way to deconstruct and reconstruct society. SEWA is aiming to facilitate a space for self- and world exploration.

One of the activities of this department is the Thought Blueprint Project: a participatory performance in which the audience is invited to create an image out of their thoughts, making use of the Cyanotype printmaking technique, which is also called Blueprint. By filling in the “Thought Exploration Form”, the participants generate a written version of their thoughts which, by going through the form, transfers into an image. If the participant gives permission, the collected visualisations of thoughts are filed in the Thought Blueprint Archive of the Mythological Institute

Jolijn about the Thought Blueprint Project
The Thought Blueprint Project started as a one on one performance but developed into workshops which bring together immigrants and locals. Immigration is a pressing topic in Europe. I feel we are on a turning point in history where we as society have to decide how we want to co-exist with one other. The media spreads messages of fear, making everything and everyone who is different an enemy. In my project, I encourage the participants to share their personal thoughts with each other, following a series of steps, which eventually leads to making a Thought Blueprint. With this performance, I want to offer an alternative way of communicating, starting on the personal level of thoughts.  It is an invitation to explore the unknown and getting familiar with the other. I hope that, on a deeper level, the workshops can offer a way to rethink the way we, as society, construct reality.

Jolijn de Wolf (1984) is an artist from the Netherlands. De Wolf makes performances, videos and photographic etchings. In her work she examines the multipolar experience of being human. She believes that myths and stories can have an emancipating function, empowering us to find our own way in life. She is a BFA in 2009 at the Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht, and has been working as an independent artist since then. Currently she is a student at the MA Live Art and Performance Studies in the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Finland. She founded the Mythological Institute in 2016.